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Allied Soft

Founded in 1990, Allied Soft has grown into a multinational company through a network of subsidiary companies in Saudi Arabia, Emirates, Jordan and Lebanon, with a representative office in Kuwait. It operates globally across Europe, the USA and the Middle East.

It provides critical services to leading financial, healthcare, manufacturing, technology, and educational organizations throughout these regions

The Middle East has witnessed a rapidly growing need for sophisticated IT software and training in recent years. Allied Soft has grown in direct response to that need. Its goal is to provide effective and professional comprehensive services and support in the field of information technology.

In the past 16 years, Allied Soft has grown steadily and consistently. Its growth is dependent on our pro-active approach to creating new solutions, creative ideas, and new markets.

Training is vital to the growth of Allied Soft. It operates the largest IT training facilities in the Middle East. In Egypt, it offers inter-connected training facilities in Cairo, Alexandria, Port Said, Mansurah, Tanta, Minya and Asyut, which utilizes some 1500 PCs. Allied Soft provides training in advanced areas of programming, database management, software engineering and development, security, networks and Geographical Information Systems (GIS). These services are provided for multinational companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Sybase, Intergraph, CISCO and Linux.

Allied Soft’s clients include various Egyptian government ministries and multinational companies from across Europe and the USA.


ITWorx is the largest software professional services firm in Egypt and has been operational for over 15 years. During that time, it has established itself as the largest software professional services provider in Egypt, specializing in portals, business intelligence and service oriented architecture.

ITWorx’s engagement model is based on forging long-term strategic partnership relationships with its customers. It has amassed a list of industry leading Fortune 500 repeat customers the likes of United Technologies, Microsoft, Vodafone and Mellon Bank.

Some of its major markets include Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar, providing services to customers from education and government to financial services and telecoms.

Today’s connected enterprises take advantage of the mounting advancements in portal technologies to better connect to their employees, customers, and business partners. Enterprise portals enable faster and more relevant decisions increase the speed and quality of work. While boosting productivity and collaboration, portals facilitate and ensure the rapid adoption of new business solutions within the enterprise.

ITWorx is privately held, with financial backing from the EuroMena Fund, Venture Capital Bank, and Proparco.


egabi is a customer-focused Technology Services and Solution provider dedicated to broaden technological horizons in the Middle East & Africa.

egabi is a globally aspired, yet regionally rooted organization incorporated in Egypt, with expertise in multitude of segments and specialization in a number of areas, possessing an extensive portfolio of products and services carried out by highly skilled professionals.

Founded in 1999, under the name of BSD (Banking Systems Development), with focus on the Banking Industry, BSD rapidly gained momentum as an IT Software firm with deep industry knowledge. The convergence of IT Technology and business domain knowledge made BSD a competitive IT company in the Middle East region, evident in and reflected by the blend of references built over the years.

By the start of 2007, BSD evolved into egabi by infusing fresh capital and expanding the management team to realize the growth potential of the company, its stakeholders, and the regional market in general. egabi has succeeded in expanding its reach into projects and references in Saudi, Sudan, Algeria, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jordan, Tanzania, Palestine, Kenya, and Egypt. egabi's export services represent more than 65% of its annual turnover.

egabi has a proven track record and vast experience in the Banking, Telecommunication, and Government sectors, and has established a leading position as the preferred supplier for industry related solutions and cross industry technical infrastructure services, allowing egabi to achieve a prominent diversified reference list. This leadership position was achieved and maintained through egabi’s dedication and commitment to excellence.

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