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ITIDA supports local Egyptian businesses through entering new markets and increasing their exports, strengthening business ties with existing markets and enhancing the capacities of local startups. As part of its national development strategy, ITIDA created three core areas to enable it grow and nurture its local ICT industry. These focus on increasing awareness of available IT solutions, reimbursing product costs and supporting small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs). To assist local companies in achieving this, ITIDA set-up a number of packages and incentives including:

Grow IT: Expanding your IT Business

Developing and nurturing home grown talent is vital to the success of Egypt’s future as a world-leader in the ICT industry. As part of its commitment to the local scene, ITIDA launched its Enterprise Capacity Building Program "Grow IT" in cooperation with international IT service firm Atos Origin to increase the international competitiveness of 100 Egyptian IT companies that are existing exporters, or who have export potential.
Grow IT seeks to empower these companies to successfully handle the development, production and business management processes of products/services that will suit their potential export markets. Click here for more Information.

The RITI Advanced Management Program “RAMP”

The “RAMP” Program focuses on building the capacity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) through developing their human resources to enable them to compete in the international arena.

The program is directed towards 240 First Line Managers who seek greater opportunities in the managerial career, responsible for direct supervision of the work of operational staff, and responsible for managing the day-to-day activities of a group of employees. Click here for more Information.

Egypt on Exports

As part of ITIDA strategy to promote the exports of the local companies and support them in penetrating key markets, ITIDA is pleased to announce its new initiative Egypt on Exports.  The initiative comprises a number of programs that aims at supporting Egyptian companies in gaining insights about international markets, identifying partnership opportunities, and providing platforms for networking with key clients in different markets.

International Exhibitions / Events

To help it achieve its aim of promoting Egypt within the ICT sector, ITIDA has established a new event strategy that will see it exhibiting at some of the world’s leading industry events. The primary objective of this strategy is to raise awareness of what Egypt has to offer local and multinational organizations and to showcase it as a dynamic and world-class outsourcing location.

To support local companies at these events, ITIDA subsidizes 85% of international exhibitions to Egyptian companies participating collectively at the Egyptian Pavilion. This includes the travel and accommodation of one representative of the company, and the cost of the design, rental and full equipment for the space provided to the companies. ITIDA will also sponsor promotional material and giveaways.

Each company benefits from ITIDA’s financial support for three years, for a maximum participation of nine exhibitions throughout this period.

Single intervention

ITIDA also offers financial support to individual companies wishing to participate in ICT related exhibitions. The “single intervention” program is designed to encourage IT companies to apply for the financial support and gain access to an exhibition that might not witness an Egyptian stand. Click here for more information

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