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Register/Login Whether you’re a local, Egyptian company or a large multinational organization, ITIDA can help you set-up your business process outsourcing in Egypt. Members of ITIDA receive a number of benefits that help them establish, grow and develop their company and this is one of the reasons that Egypt is fast becoming a leading global destination for outsourcing services. The support our members receive include: Financial support and subsidies for training programs and initiatives Support at international exhibitions to help increase exports Regular news and updates on regulatory changes and industry news Support in protecting your company’s intellectual property rights Set-up support for entrepreneurs to help nurture small businesses

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Egypt is proving to be an attractive location for world leaders in the ICT industry, surpassing its competitors in the developing world – India and the Philippines – and attracting the attention of major corporations in the developed world, notably Orange, Vodafone and SQS. These corporations are investing heavily in Egypt as a coveted ICT outsourcing location

If you are similarly looking to outsource your business with a dedicated ICT company based in Egypt, and are looking for the relevant partner to suit your business’ individual needs, please view our database.

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