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The “Business Trips” program is designed to encourage IT companies to gain more access to the international markets and engage with new clients aboard and even to maintain their relationship with their existing pool of clients outside the local market.


This program applies to small and medium size companies with business travels or journeys to discuss business matters with clients or engage in any business-related activity while the travel costs are cited as one of the main cost burdens and obstacles for doing business for them. With this in mind, ITIDA supports these companies by covering 85% of the total business trip cost of the most important elements of the business trip (Travel & Accommodation).

Support provided:

Financial support: In the “Business Trips” program, ITIDA covers 80% of the total participation cost of each company for the following items only:

  • Travel and accommodation for one representative(maximum 2 nights per trip)
  • Event registration fees ( If applicable)

Accordingly, participation logistics, bookings and advance payment are totally handled by the company requesting the service, which will be reimbursed on the condition of providing the actual payment proofs.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligible company for “business trips Service” should have the following criteria:

  • Egyptian-owned company with more than (50% Egyptian ownership or under control of Egyptian Board for public companies).
  • Headquartered in Egypt, at least 80% of company payroll is based in Egypt.
  • Have a least 10 registered full time employees.

Forms of Participation:

  • Visitor to events, business meetings or business related activities.

Process Cycle and restrictions:

  • Business trips support does not apply for trips to events in which ITIDA is participating with an Egyptian pavilion
  • Business trips support is only offered on travelers whose expenses are paid by the business/company he or she works for.
  • Business trips support is only offered for one representative from each company per trip
  • Maximum allowed participations per company: 2 Business trips per year  (any region)
  • Maximum nights allowed Per trip : 2 nights
  • Notification period: At least 4 weeks before the date of the travel
  • Internal Processing Cycle time: two week, i.e. the company should receive our final answer after 2 weeks from the date of the submission.
  • Total business trip cost should not exceed L.E 12000 per trip

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